Come Abuse

by Ignominy

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released October 2, 2013

Music, lyrics and noise created and performed by Ignominy. Mixed and mastered by Kalle Lennblad. Recorded at rehearsal space under supervision
by Kalle Lennblad, april 2013. Produced by Kalle Lennblad and Ignominy.



all rights reserved


Ignominy Sweden

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Track Name: Vägledningen
Faceless people appear in dreams:
Troubled sleep - hungry blade target eyes.
Severed flesh - the world is a grand open wound.
A manifesting atmosphere - the purity of iron.

Inhabit a human host, become the observer:
Bow down head in denial. See shit-spores blossom in the concrete age.
Track Name: Gluework: Scum
Falling down endless circles of fear and self-loathing.
A smeared abyss, self-destructive ends.
Surrounded by oppressive walls - a horror for numb sheeps.
Left empty handed kneeled by the light of hopelessness.
Growing vile intentions - bleeds away pain.
Feed the temple - infest my flesh.
Pains of a narrow existence.
Pulling out nails from coffins of past times.
Stench of a rotten shell - reek of an anti-me.
Ending vision with extinction.
Crippled spirits longing for purification.
Degraded senses, im reaching lowest of bottoms.
Sow seeds of failure - reap the future.
Track Name: Gluework: Bleach
Devouring conciousness:
A timeless wreck cleansing traces of leftout truths.
Infesting temples of flesh with limbs as guidence.
Oppressing the heads of knowledge.
When the mind withers away, when the head gets numb,
when the light burns the eyes blind:
White silk and sacred skin.
Voices bound to the depths of agony, anatomy of sin provides nothing.
Fanatics of light, the whores of paradise.
Track Name: Gluework: Feral Ego
Visions of desolate future:
Oppressive shadows strangeling emotions and tortures will.
A journey where solitude reigns - a manic state of mind.
Drawn away, breeding thoughts.
Twisting senses / a spiral downward:
The walls of sleep are closing in.
Live in the remnants of failure - each day a coffinbirth.
Carving roots of rotten trees, stuck in a dried out trail.
Track Name: Gluework: Arms Bending Backwards
Distorted path, im no longer in control.
The smoking piles of guilt makes way for band of worms.
White stream - flow of anxiety. Upon hills of nothing, rooting to evolve. White face, black holes: swallowing everything around.
Fill up my throat with glass - wide-open mouth of hell.
White face: no reason to stay.
Dead hills of nothing, burning every root.
Track Name: Sanningsenheten
Hear the sounds of breaking mirrors:
The seer predicts through shattered glass.
Shred through unconfortable skin.
Camouflage - mend in reptile skin.
Step into eroded shadows and adapt to a silenced throat.
Boiling tar - veins are sewers.
Inhale the fumes of incinerating coffins.
Bleached hands infecting with vicious touch,
consumes surroundings by sculpturing complexes.
Driven to collide with soulless divisions.
Track Name: Nedmonteringen
Stuck in a lucid dream, a wilderness of shackled illusions.
Castles caved in:
Reflections of a dying inside.
Misled by conformity, abandoned souls seek aid.
Psychic health grown defect.
Strangers eyes are chaos.
Witnesses gathered:
The looming perdition awaits burning illumination.
Third-eye aching. acid rain falling.
Penetrate the sky - Crack the void open.