by Ignominy

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Recorded live @ Folkhögskolan, Karlskoga. Recorded, mixed, mastred and produced by Kalle Lennblad. This is our debut EP that soon will be available for download, will also be released later on CD-R, limited to 100 copies.
Stay tuned.


released April 29, 2011

Kalle fucking Lennblad yo!



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Ignominy Sweden

New song "IDYLLER" :


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Track Name: Reality Crash
Within every ruin
Lies a disease
With a spine,
Deep rooted
Among the effort
Of tearing down self
A conscious,
Shrieking to be fed
A road to despair,
A dead end path
To all existence
A crushing reality
Desperatly shattering the earth,
Burning bridges and links
Leaving no self-control
Track Name: Fundament
I väntan på död, ständigt fångad av sin egna skugga
Med blodsmak i mun, konstant jagad av verkligheten
I väntan på död, förblindad av vad du tror är verklighet
Kompromisser och likgiltighet, ett fundament för allt som gått snett
Ruiner av smärta
En själ av ilska
Track Name: Loose Limbs
To live and die in a lie of our minds
Floating stars and decieving lights
Future is sure, but out of our sight
Emptiness, a rush through my head
There is no hope
We are already fucked
Too big in this storm of small particles
I stand where no lines are drawn
Track Name: Pt III. Shut The Light
While i suffocate,
Black shades above
Fragments of everything
Left behind
This time, its on the surface
A strain of memories
Thin shaded lines
On a thick skin
A unique kind
When nothing is real
Track Name: Eating Glass
High goals, bad reach
End up with burned feet
Stay in clear sight,
Keep eyes open
Breaking self, for a bad cause
But striving for the opposite
Meaningful stay, negative space
Lying, Denying, Rejecting
Track Name: Ignominy - Pt I. Sore Head
Paralized, stuck in defeat
Some are born with less to achieve
A fragile existance,
Time is closing in
Steady steps towards withdrawal,
Being rational in mind
A divided world,
A crashing reality
Paralized, stuck in defeat
Some are born with less to achieve
Steady steps, towards withdrawal
Track Name: Cut Off
A world left for no one but abiders
To follow the rules,
In a fucked up society
Trapped in a leash,
A collar around my fucking neck